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Quantum Initiatives in Germany

Commercial quantum computers

  • D-Waves’ Advantage Quantum System at Jülich, January-17-2022

    Europe’s First Quantum Computer with More Than 5,000 Qubits Launched at Jülich,

    “The Jülich Supercomputing Centre (JSC) and D-Wave Systems, a leading provider of quantum computing systems, today launched the company’s first cloud-based quantum service outside North America.”

    D-Wave and Forschungszentrum Jülich Launch First In-Region Commercial Quantum Computer for European Access

    “The offering provides access to the Advantage™ quantum system, which contains more than 5000 qubits and will be available to European users at Forschungszentrum Jülich immediately in the cloud via Leap.

    The expansion is part of the Jülich User Infrastructure for Quantum Computing (JUNIQ), which has provided researchers across Europe with access to various quantum systems since 2019.”

  • IBM’s Quantum System One at Fraunhofer in Ehningen, June-15-2021:

    Fraunhofer and IBM present live: A Quantum Computing Journey in Germany, IBM

    “Inauguration of the most powerful production IBM Quantum computer in Europe”

    Fraunhofer and IBM to unveil quantum computer, Fraunhofer

    “In the digital presence of Chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel, Federal Minister of Education and Research Anja Karliczek and Minister-President of Baden-Württemberg Winfried Kretschmann on June 15 leading figures from Fraunhofer and IBM will officially unveil Germany’s first IBM Quantum System One to the public. With 27 qubits, this is currently the most powerful system anywhere in Europe.”

Public funding announcement

Research in Munich

A selection of informations about Research in Quantum Science & Technology in my home town Munich, Germany.

Munich Quantum Center (MQC) and Munich Center for Quantum Science and Technology (MCQST), that both comprises:

About the creation of a Quantum Integration Center:

About the creation of the Munich Quantum Valley: