Silicon-photonic chips.

  • Quantum circuits with many photons on a programmable nanophotonic chip [6] (Xanadu)
  • Why I am optimistic about the silicon-photonic route to quantum computing [114]

    • “How building a large-scale, silicon-photonic quantum computer has been reduced to the creation of good sources of 3-photon entangled states.”

    • “The first reason is that in photonic integrated circuits (PICs) we believe that we can reduce stochastic noise levels several orders of magnitude below even optimistic estimates of such noise for matter-based approaches.”

    • “The second reason is that PICs are being vigorously pursued for classical computing purposes, and the core components necessary for the quantum architecture are already under investigation and optimization, in multiple variations, by classical photonics engineers.”

See also additional notes about photonics from IEEE QCE21.

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