Superconducting Circuits

“Anharmonic oscillators (AHOs) constructed from superconducting circuit element”. While in the other physical implementations of quantum computer “the quantum information is encoded in natural microscopic quantum systems, superconducting qubits are macroscopic in size and lithographically defined” [R11].

  • milestone papers: Vion et al. [129], Koch et al. [72], Rigetti & Devoret [113]
  • review paper: engineer’s guide [R11], state of play [R10]
  • Details about qubit control in [R11]
    • D. Single-qubit gates, Fig. 12: microwave drive coaxial line

    • E. The iSWAP two-qubit gate in [flux] tunable qubits: local magnetic field to tune the transition frequencies of each of coupled qubits

    • G. Two-qubit gates using only microwaves: with fixed-frequency qubits, less sensitive to flux noise

  • coupling resonators (CR) for implementing two-qubit gates, see also \(U_{ENT}\) (entangle) in [69]
  • insights about the pulse model in IBM’s hardware [M2]:

    • “Finding Resonance”

    • “Rabi Oscillations: Hello Quantum at the Pulse level”

    • “Quantifying the Environment: Computing T1 and T2”

  • about building logical qubits: [41]

Further readings

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